Replace your salt with a better salt.

    Our salt blends include superfood ingredients
    like turmeric and nutritional yeast.


    Smart Seasoning is a series of all-purpose superfood salts that combine great taste with nutrition. Beyond enhancing flavor, our blends are designed to boost your health.


    Vegan, and with no additives, preservatives, MSG, sugar, or gluten, Smart Seasoning is an ideal complement to any healthy diet and lifestyle. But it's not just good for you. Each blend is umami-packed for maximum flavor.


    Instead of just adding sodium to your food, why not super charge it with ingredients like turmeric or activated charcoal? Reach for Smart Seasoning anytime you would normally use salt. With Smart Seasoning, it's so easy to eat healthy.


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  • NEW!

    Smart Seasoning Black Blend is here!


    The ginger, cayenne, and black pepper adds a little kick, while the lemon powder and cinnamon adds an unexpected crisp and bright hint of spice. The coffee, activated charcoal, and paprika lend a subtle smokiness, and enhance any char, making it perfect for grilling. It's delicious on all your proteins, whether it's grilled, roasted, or pan-seared.


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  • "Less sodium, more flavor, major nutrition!"

    Caroline Ginolfi, certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach

    I am constantly looking for ways to give my food a nutritional boost and Smart Seasoning checks all the boxes for me.

    Nikolas Pattantyus, vegetarian, nurse

    "Smart Seasoning is outrageous!! We put it on everything!"

    Pamela Chiartas Jameson, #smartseasoningaddict

    "Smart Seasoning is a condiment powerhouse. Its ingredient list comprises many of the big superfood players. It's loaded with micronutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and healthy fats that are essential for energy production and supporting the immune system. It is rich in iron and complex B vitamins which are essential for vegetarians."

    Amanda Curley, Holistic Health Coach

    "It definitely added a colorful crunch of flavorful seasonings to everything from avocado toast to scrambled eggs and buttered corn..."

    Craig Laban, Philadelphia Inquirer

    "This is literally the only thing I use to season my food. It's good on EVERYTHING!"

    @thinkingclairezy, Weight Watchers Enthusiast


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